June 21st, 2014

So from the 19th-today have been really shitty. Food wise. I literally ate so much JUNK it’s not even funny… ahahaha.

I’m not even going to both listing them. I didn’t work out at all, either. The only kind of work out I got was from work.

I ordered Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T, so I’m hoping that is more fun than Insanity. I will do them off and on together :)

June 18th, 2014

Woke Up: 4am (went back sleep until 9)
Went To Bed:


  • Cap’n Crunch
  • Raw Hotdog (x2)
  • Apple (x2
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels


  • Water
  • Small amounts of Mtn Dew
  • 10oz glass of Peps


  • None :( *

* I took today as my rest day (I even missed work because I was/am super sore to the point where It hurts to walk and I’m a wimp) instead of Saturday, so I will do

June 17th, 2014


Went to bed: 3:30am
Woke Up: 10/11am


  • Slimfast Cookie Dough Bar 
  • Apple
  • Cinnamon Toast (x2)
  • Egg Sandwich 
  • Turkey Sub (American cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, onions)


  • Water


  • Pylometric Cardio Circuit (Day 1//Insanity)

WOW. So this had me sweating veeerrryy early on. It really is as intense as people say, I definitely overestimated my abilities. Towards the end I skipped some reps (the basketball throw/push up parts) because I could NOT get myself to get up and move without kind of slumping and falling ahahah. Hopefully I can get to the point where I don’t have to skip anything, and don’t have to take nearly as many rests as I did! (I took a lot of rests..)

Very proud of myself for doing it though! Now if only I can keep this up everyday. 

Note: Very sore :’) When I woke up this morning I definitely felt the Fit Test from yesterday in my legs and DEFINITELY in my back. Doing the workouts today, the pain in my pain decreased but afterwards my legs are now pretty much jello. They are SO SORE.

I work an 8 hour shift tomorrow so I’m only hoping I can keep the motivation, and that I’ll have the energy (and room) to do it.

I want results. I wanna do this right.

Fuck me. I’m so tired of being me. Me beautiful. Me ugly. Blonde. Brunette. A million fucking fashion makeovers that only leave me trapped being me. Who I was before the accident is just a story now. Everything before now is just a story I carry around. I guess that would apply to anybody in the world. What I need is a new story about who I am. What I need to do is fuck up so bad I can’t save myself.
Chuck Palahniuk
June 16th, 2014


Went to bed: 9pm
Woke up: 10:30am


  • Slimfast Cookie Dough Bar
  • Leftover boiled potatoes mashed with butter
  • Slimfast Cookie Dough Bar
  • Attempt at a salad (more like, a carrot and a piece of lettuce, ha)
  • 2 Hotdogs, 3 or 4 Hamburgers (geez), some baked beans.
  • Slimfast Cookie Dough Bar


  • Water
  • Small amount of Dr. Pepper

Maybe not the healthiest, but I thought it best if I start tracking things that I eat. 


  • Insanity Fit Test

Tomorrow, I attempt Day 1 of Insanity.

Slow and steady.