"We want to see the light, but we must not deny the existence of the shadows." (Antonio Sagardoy)

These are my adventures in optimism.

February 14th, 2014

Today was really fucking fun.

I went to the store with my mom and got oatmeal cookies aw yisss.

Started off actually going outside with my sister and taking selfies in the snow, then actually SLEDDING. And “snowboarding” aka standing up on a sled.

It’s been the first time I’ve been out in the snow at all this year (and last, I think)

Then I got twizzlers and m&ms.

Ate grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Spent atleast an hour talking about Flappy Doge.

Successfully deleted/uploaded 300+ pictures to make room for a free download of an album.


ღ February 3rd, 2014

Braces off. 

After two fucking years.

Of course I get them off on a day where it’s snowing and raining and a mix of the two.

An appointment at 10:30. Uuuuguh. 
When I woke up it was just freezing rain and then when we were getting ready to leave it turned into snow and my mom was freaking out so bad. We got there and thank god my mom is pushy and made them give me my retainer on this trip instead of having to make another one back up 2 hours later. Praise.

Anyways, braces off.
It didn’t take that long to get them off, and it was surprisingly less painful than I’d imagined.

I thought she’d take the bands/ropes off and then pop the brackets/whatever off individually but she just undid them from the sides and took EVERYTHING off - wire, brackets, etc. It was reaaally weird to see them off fully connected, lemme tell ya. When she took them off I felt like she took my teeth out - not that it HURT that bad, but because the braces are so far out compared to my actual teeth, it felt like she’d taken my teeth out. My teeth didn’t feel like my teeth?? They felt really weird?? To the point where I thought they were my gums and that she’d taken my teeth out in one swoop and left my mouth weirdly bloody ahahaha.

Bloody. My mouth was very bloody today apparently haha.

THERE WAS THIS LITTLE GIRL WITH DOWN SYNDROME IN THE CHAIR NEXT TO ME AND SHE WAS SO CURIOUS AND ADORABLE. When the lady tending to me started putting my chair back she went ‘What is she doing to her?’ to her mom (who was right beside her to comfort her) and then she turned to my lady and went ‘Excuse me, what are you doing to her?’ and she said ‘She’s getting her braces off today!’ ‘Oh!’ And her mom chimed in ‘Isn’t that cool? She can eat whatever she wants now! Gum, pizza-’ ‘Popcorn!’ And then the little girl was like ‘I don’t think I’ve EVER had popcorn!’ And her mom was like ‘Yes you have haha!’ And ajkshdkajhd she was so cute and sweet and she was hugging her mom after she was done because her mouth hurt and it was so so so sweet and then she hugged one of the ladies and ugh she was so precious <3

Aaaand my retainers are clear (Are all retainers clear? Idk.) and I only have to wear them everyday for *3* months before I only have to wear them at night! They’re really not as bad as I had imagined, and are actually comfy. They make my teeth feel really slick and cool B-)

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut they make my gums bleed lolololol which is normal, but not very attractive. OH WELL.

My teeth look so weird. I was so used to the braces that by comparison by teeth are just funny looking and … big?????? They look so weird. So weird.

I’m looking forward to brushing my teeth now omg. (Before it was such a hassle and annoying as fuck but nowww it’s so much easier!)

Except for the fact that my mouth is sensitive as fuck, as shown when I went to brush them and it HURTTT.


So after my appointment we went to the store and I bought teeth whitening strips because nGL my teeth are really discolored. My bottom teeth are actually whiter than my top, which is… weird. But yeah.

I’m not sure if I can actually whiten them or not??????? Like I’m a little afraid my mouth is too sensitive for the harsh chemicals right now, but oh well. We’ll see.

Things I also bought:
ღ Valentine’s candies bc I’m my own Valentine ;;)))))))))))
ღ Crunch bar
ღ 3 pack of gum
ღ  Lotion for my dry as fuck hands yaay